Meet you in this life is kind a surprise

As much as my heart flutters, i’m worried

I’m never greedy to get you

But you come along into my life

Simple, warm, comfort

Once again i said, i’m never greedy  to get you

But, if that happen

Maybe i’ll be the happiness person

And, meet you in this life is like serendipity


My Malaysia Trip Part 2

Continued my Malaysia experience trip from previous post, so i had a chance to indulge my self by shopping at one of Bakery and Pastry Shop, the name is Bakewell. This is one of store which provide the ingredients, equipment, and tools especially for Bakery and Pastry with friendly price. I really like to see all goods in this shop arrange orderly, tidy and easy to find all my needs.

Actually, Bakewell have some branch in Malaysia. And the nearest store from my aunty’s home is located at Taman Melawati, Ulu Kelang, Kuala Lumpur. I bought some ingredients that i lilbit difficult to find at my town such as Halal Gelatine and Peanut Butter with good quality. I bought some tools like Silicone Mat and Silicone Pastry Bag. It’s quite cheap for Silicone tools. The staff welcomed and nice. I hope i had a lot of money to bought some goods here. From ten, i give eight for this place.

Then my next destination is KLCC. Yap, one of famous place for shopping. Here you can find various luxury fashion and make-up brand like Coach, Shu Uemura, MAC, La Coste and many more. But, i’m not bought all kinds of that brands…T.T

The main reason i go to KLCC is Kinokuniya Books Store. This is one of Japanese branch book store. Here we can find a lot of title book from many topic and major (if you’re a University Student). And here i’m also indulge my self with their books and i’m totally LOVE this place. They provide books with Malay, English and Japanese language.

For someone who enthusiast in Culinary, here a good and suitable place. I’m really happy to see for Bakery and Pastry books here, there is a lot type and topic. And who like to see manga in Japanese you can found it here. There is a lot of manga you could read. They also have unique colletion for stationary. And my sister love to see all note book and stationary here.  I really hope they would open the branch in my town. I spend about two hours to see all books collection from this book store. And actually that is not enough for me.

I finally decided to bought two books, one about Bakery and another one about Cake and Bakery. The price is quite expensive but it suitable. You can use Card (credit, debit with VISA OR Master label) or Cash to pay. I don’t prepare a lot of money to spend at this book store. So my Dad said, “Saving your money, so each year you can had a chance to bought all the book you want.” Yes, i start to saving money for another occasion to bought books here.

At KLCC i bought a gift for my friend at Vincci. It was good time to come when mear Chinese Lunar New Year. Some store give a discount for customer. I got 2 Sun-glasess only RM 40 when normal price is RM 59 for each. And i got RM 50 for 2 watchs, when normal price RM 50 for each. And also i got 2 scarfs only RM 40.

One of tips to shopping at KLCC with affordable price is you have to shopping near the public holiday such Chinese New Year, Chirstmast, New Year and Hari Raya Lebaran. The store always give some discount about 20-30% and if you’re lucky you could find who give discount up to 70%.

If you’re hungry while shopping, you can go to food court at this place. There is a lot type of food you could find. Malaysian food like Nasi Ayam, Chinese, Western, and Japanese. They give a variant price for every food. So you can choose the best price for your tummy. Me, my sister and my dad choose Nasi Ayam and Pasta for our Lunch. Nasi Ayam only RM 7 for original and RM 7.50 for Barbeque Chicken. Carbonara Pasta RM 9 and Garlic Bread RM 2. For the size? It’s quite big portion for me. For order you should come to each food station and bring your own food to your table. This place sharing plate and the cutlery with other food station. So after we finished our lunch there will be a man who clean up the table and collect all plate and cutlery.

My tips if you want to spend day at KLCC :

  1. Prepare your money, as much as you have. It’s good if you have a plan before you go here.
  2. For All fashion lover and Make-up enthusiast, is it the good place for you.
  3. It’s worth it to spend your day here.
  4. To reach this place you can use LRT and City Bus.

My Malaysia Trip Part 1

Alhamdulillah, this early year i had a chance to go to Malaysia again for holiday with my family. Before this trip, i ever go to Malaysia before at 2012 and that’s my first time to go abroad and also my longest trip i ever had. That trip was my road and longest trip to Malaysia. We had 10 days to explore  a couple city in Malaysia.

We landed at Penang, then next we go to Singapore via Johor Bahru by Ferry, then we back again to Malaysia and go to Malacca. After spending day in Malacca, our next destinantion is Kuala Lumpur before we back to Indonesia.

That was amazing experience and i got a lot of trip tips for my another trip. It was fun to have trip at young age. You felt tired but there is nothing worst happen to your body, you also could eat every food that you interest with no worry hahaha

And for 2017, i came back to Malaysia. This trip a lilbit different with my previous trip, cause i just stayed at Kuala Lumpur for my weeks trip.

First day at Kuala Lumpur we are welcoming by rain. Thanks to technology, we just need book a Grabcar to reach my aunty’s home. There is a promo from Grab, we only have to pay RM 65 from KLIA (Kuala Lumpur Int’l Airport) to the destination we want.

The next day, me and my sister decided to go to National Zoo. We get there at 10 a.m and it’s open from 9 a.m till 5 p.m, Malaysia time. The ticket price is RM 64 for foreign adult. It more cheap if you a  local citizen by show your ID card. You only have to pay RM 34 and fortunatelly we have one foreign ticket and local citizen ticket by using my aunty’s ID card.

This zoo as same as another zoo, their special treat to visitor is animal attraction every 11 a.m. they will be held a little show by bird and another animal. Then their have Giant Panda Conservation.

This is one of my favorite. I have a dream to see panda, and it comes true. I can’t touch them, but actually i really really want to hug them. They have 2 Pandas, a Female and Male Panda that directly they brought from China. The female name is Feng Yi and the Male name is Fu Wa. This Panda was one of  Beijing Olympic Game icon at 2008. And after they lived at National Zoo, they have a children. I’m not sure that female or male. So that zoo have 3 pandas as their collection. When the first time this Panda show to the public, the Zoo give the different ticket price to see them and that quite expensive. But maybe people don’t want pay much enough just to see panda, then the Zoo pull the different ticket price. So when we go there, we have a same ticket for all collection including the Panda. How happyyyyyy

Another Zoo’s collectiona is Savana’s Animal such as Zebra, Girrafe, Lion, Tiger, and Elepahant. And also they have bird collection, butterfly park, and little aquaria.

This place suitable for kids and adult who like to see animal. We spent time here about 5-6 hours to see all collection including lunch time. Here we allow to bring meals but there is some cafe and snack bar. A souvenir spot spread in some place inside the Zoo. We can round to see zoo by train, this Zoo offering us to use this by buy a ticket RM 8 for foreign and RM 4 for local citizen. This place is worth to visit. From ten, i give eight for this place. All information about ticket, you can also come to their website.

My tips for you if you want to visit this Zoo:

  1. Wear a comfy cloth. I recomended a long-hand shirt and jeans or kind of them. Cause at the some spot there is so much mosquitos. Or you can bring a lotion to avoid a mosquitos.
  2. Bring your Sun-glasses and Hat. Cause is outdoor-design Zoo, that really usefull.
  3. Bring your own meals and snack. It so nice to enjoy your meal and see Flamingos playing at Lake infront of you.
  4. You can bring your own drink/mineral water, but you can buy it at the Zoo. The different price is not so far from the outside.
  5. Camera to capture your moment.

Karena Jodoh Pasti Bertemu lalu Bertamu


Kemarin malam di meja makan bersama mama, ngobrol tentang rencana usaha baru yang akan dimulai. Lalu pembicaraan tiba-taba ngalur-ngidul menjadi pembicaraaan umur. InsyaAllah saya akan berumur 22 tahun, tahun ini. Saya terdiam sejenak. Saya sudah cukup dewasa ternyata. Rasanya baru saja kemarin berumur 21 tahun, setahun begitu cepat terasa seperti mengedipkan kelopak mata. Tahun lalu saya masih lari-lari dikampus mengejar dosen pembimbing, usaha yang dijalankan masih berupa niat dan rencana dan hal-hal lain. Banyak yang berubah dan terjadi dalam satu tahun. Kepribadian maupun tanggung jawab atas diri sendiri juga lebih baik, malah harus makin baik.

Saya alhamdulillah rutin mengikuti majelis taklim di penghujung minggu. Dan disana saya bertemu cukup banyak ibu-ibu muda, malaham umurnya ada dibawah saya. Beberapa mengenal saya, maka pertanyaan selanjutnya yang sering saya terima akhir-akhir ini adalah : “Kapan nikah?”, “Cepatlah, nunggu apa lagi?” dan pertanyaan sejenis, kadang pertanyaan ini malah jadi pembuka pembicaraan menggantikan posisi pembuka pertanyaan macam, “apa kabar?” (ini pengalaman pribadi,-red). Saya sih jawabnya enteng saja, “Doain aja yaa,” atau “Tunggu aja kabarnya,” dan jawaban yang sejenis pula. Saya meng’Aamiin’kan saja pertanyaan-pertanyaan ala infotaiment itu.

Kan sudah jelas; lahir, meninggal, rezeki, dan jodoh itu sudah Allah tuliskan di Lauhul Mahfuz jauh sebelum langit dan bumi di ciptakan. Ayah saya sering bilang, “Kalau sudah sampai takdirnya, datang nanti jodohnya.” Jadi saya tanamkan itu di hati saya. Makanya, saya kalau di kasih pertanyaan gitu gak ngerasa down atau jadi baper atau nangis kejer dipojokan, InsyaAllah enggak. Saya malah mikir, gimana kalo yang dikasi pertanyaan itu orangnya bukan macam saya, justru dia pundung dikasi pertanyaan gitu. Kasihan, kan?

Marilah kita bersimpati dan berempati sama akhwat atau wanita yang jodohnya belum tiba dengan tidak usil bertanya soal pernikahan melulu ketika berjumpa. Banyak hal yang bisa kita tanyakan, seperti kabarnya, kegiatannya, atau memberikan informasi yang bermanfaat. Atau kalau niat bertanya soal pernikahan di ujung pembicaraan dapat memberikan solusi berupa pria yang bisa dijodohkan misalnya. Jangan hanya nanya tapi tidak ada solusi dan meninggalkan kesan tidak enak kepada orang yang kita tanyai. Hadirkan banyak kemungkinan atau uzur untuk saudari-saudari kita tersebut. Kita tidak tahu apa yang terjadi, apa yang dilalui, atau di tanggungnya di kehidupannya sehingga ia belum menikah. Mungkin dia sedang menyelesaikan kewajiban dari orang tuanya dalam menyelesaikan studinya, mungkin dia sedang mengumpulkan rezeki untuk membantu biaya pernikahannya, mungkin dia sedang menunggu restu orang tuanya, dan banyak uzur lain yang bisa kita berikan untuk saudari kita dan mendoakannya.

Bagi yang sudah menikah, alhamdulillah, barakallahufiik, semoga Allah jaga pernikahanya hingga ke Jannah. Bagi yang belum, seperti saya, bersabar hingga waktunya tiba. Masalah kapan, umur berapa itu kembali dari takdir yang Allah berikan. Ada yang Allah berikan cepat jodohnya, ada yang lama. Karena kita tidak tahu kapan jodoh itu datang, maka bersiap-siap saja. Berbenah diri, memantaskan diri, mempelajari hal-hal yang bermanfaat yang bisa diaplikasikan setelah menikah, ini kan lebih baik dari pada sibuk bertanya-tanya “kapan jodoh ku datang?”, “pengeran kuda putih saya nyasar dimana, ya?” toh kita bertanya-tanya bukan berarti jodohnya jadi tiba-tiba datang jatuh dari langit. Berdoa lebih baik dari pada bertanya-tanya pada dinding kamar. Banyak hal yang bisa kita lakukan, belajar masak, belajar parenting, belajar mengatur keuangan, belajar mengatur rumah agar senantiasa suami dan anak kita nanti betah di rumah, belajar jadi ibu yang baik karena kita wanita adalah madrasah pertama anak-anak kita, belajar jadi ibu yang anak-anak kita nanti menjadikan kita panutannya,  belajar mengatur emosi, melatih diri untuk banyak bersabar, dan masih banyak PR kita sebelum menikah. Ibarat ujian, kalo kita persiapkan insyaAllah hasilnya lebih baik, kan?

Udah, jangan serius kali ngebaca tulisan saya karena intinya jodoh pasti bertemu lalu bertamu haahaha tetap sabar dan percaya sama Janji Alla Ta’ala.

Bon Voyage! (My First Trip)


One of my wish is traveling to a few place that i’ve listed. My first trip begun when i’m twelve years old, when my parents took me to the trip to Banda Aceh, to visit my sister.

Since that trip, i’m always excited to have trip again. And for about three years i’ve been five or six times went to Banda Aceh. We always using car when we have trip if the place could be reached by car. From Medan‒where i lived‒ to Banda Aceh we will through some cities. And i recommended for whom want to have trip to Banda Aceh or Aceh cause they have a good road. You’ll be reached Banda Aceh about 12 hours by car (it’s included your launch time, have a rest about 15 minutes about once or twice or pray) but with the view on the road you’ll be fascinating.

I went to Aceh years after Tsunami, so we will have different image about the road, but i’m sure yours would be interest than me. I’m still remember the road we through at noon, after we had a lunch, i can see a sea from my car! The sea felt so close from me. My dad said, Tsunami caused seashore closer to the mainland.

Then i’ve been travel to Bandung-Jogjakarta-Jakarta in ten days. This is my first longest trip. It’s begun cause Airways Ticket Promo. Me and big family member‒we are ten person travel together‒went to Bandung first. Cause that time, landed in Bandung cheaper than Jakarta or Jogjakarta.

We stayed in Bandung about three days, and we spend te days by shopping. Actually my mom and my aunty lilbit crazy to shopping at Bandung where we know this city is one of Fashion center and they gave a cheap price with good quality. But it’s has changed, when i back to Bandung at 2015 the price for fashion item higher than the first time i came to Bandung. So if you want to travel in Bandung, the best to enjoyed this city is nature. Enjoyed the view and cool air with best and unique accomodation and also the food.

Next, we went to Jogjakarta. Jogja can reached by Plane or Train. And my Family decided to use Train, considered from cost to brought ten person moved from Bandung to Jogja. We choose economy class. This is my first time travel with Train. It took time about six hours from Bandung to Jogjakarta, and it’s horrible.

We thought we can rest a long the way to Jogja by choosing night trip, but it’s big wrong. We’re at economy class, which there is no AC or Fan (only air through by window), not a comfy seat, and when we stop at the several station in small city all the snack seller would come in to the train and offering their stuff all along the train with a loud voice. And it’s happen many times till we arrived at Jogja, and i’m sure you can’t rest at all. Totally can’t. That’s my experience used train’s economy class. But for whom can handle that condition it’s okay to choose that train class. But for me, it’s okay to spend a little much to get bussines class for long trip. My advice, for trip that took only two or three hours it’s okay to get economy class.

Finally we touched down Jogjakarta, and we spend at this city about three days. We spend here by shopping‒again‒, culinary tour, and visit Borobudur and also Parangtritis Beach. Cause this trip i’m still 14 years old so i’m just follow where the parents took us. I don’t have any options T.T

Something i like from jogja is peacefull. The small city with beauty view for each edge of the city.

And before we back to Medan, last city is Jakarta. We spend about three days here by visit the relative from my mom side, visit Monas, Dufan, and Ragunan Zoo. I don’t have many excited memory cause i had fever and vomit a.k.a masuk angin. It’s cause night trip by train to Jogja, and all tiredness accumulation when i’m in Jakarta. That’s my first body training for longtrip.

By the way, when we go to Jakarta from Jogjakarta we go by Train but in bussiness class and night trip too. But it’s much better, so much better. We got an AC, comfy seat, blanket and small pillow for rest along the trip, and the best is no snack seller go to the cabin train. So you can rest peacefully, oh ya! When you in bussiness class you’ll be serviced by good-looking attendant! Hahaha

Yap, there is my first trip and my long trip from a few city in Indonesia, i hope i can travel more like to Lombok or Mount Bromo and this is my advice to you before traveling :

  1. Get your self and body well prepared. You have a lot or less money but your condition not good you can’t enjoyed your trip.
  2. Always looking for the best way to reach your spot. Sometime it took a price but you can fully enjoyed the place, rather than you got the cheap transportation but you ‘ve been tired before.
  3. For low cost trip, try to find your family or relatives that can gave you accomodation or transportation. It will be save much your cost by accomodation side and it’s more happy if they gave you meals too.
  4. Looking for simple but comfy accomodation, remember three points before you booking or find an accomodation; you only need the bed for sleep, the clean and tidy bathroom, and safe while you are sleep. So don’t spend for such a thing like, swimming pool, golf field, Spa, or view from 53th floor! You want to traveling or being a couch potato? *peace*
  5. Try to speak the language that using by people. It’s help you a lot when you need a help or when you shopping, maybe?
  6. Bring a map or get map application like Google maps or Waze to help you when you get lost. Searching place and transportation before you go is necessary. Don’t forget to save your direction if you’re using Wi-Fi, and the last is ask people.

The next post, i’ll share my first abroad trip. See you!

Throwback atau flashback aku rasa penting buat introspeksi diri sendiri, inget-inget sama hal yang pernah kita lakuin ke diri sendiri maupun orang lain. Dari situ juga kita  –seharusnya-bisa mengambil pelajaran. 

Jadi pijakan kita mempertimbangkan langkah kita kedepan, demi keselarasan hidup yang gak hanya kita inginkan tapi juga orang-orang disekitar kita, yang sayang dengan kita.

 Throwback itu bukan melulu harus bikin kita galau, harus hal-hal yang sedih yang  kita lihat balik ke belakang. Hal-hal bahagia yang pernah kita lewatin juga bagus kita lihat kembali, sebagai rasa syukur sama hal yang udah kita punya/rasain selama hidup.

Menurut saya gak ada salahnya untuk kita flashback atau throwback (terserah pembaca mau pakai kosa kata yang mana ✌)

Semoga banyak hal-hal yang bisa kita koreksi, kita syukuri, kita ambil pelajaran dari hal-hal masa lalu kita agar kehidupan yang lebih baik. Terima kasih, untuk semua orang-orang yang pernah ada di perjalanan hidup saya. For the good and the bad things you did, terima kasih.

Rumah Baru (lagi!)

Well, actually this is not my first time to having a wordpress. I’m losing the password and i can’t recover my own account so i decided to start my new one, again, wordpress site.

Like the others, this site would be my place to share my experience in life, my activity that i would to share, tips, recipes, and sometimes my annoying thought *peace*

So, have enjoyed my nu homeyyyy