Bon Voyage! (My First Trip)


One of my wish is traveling to a few place that i’ve listed. My first trip begun when i’m twelve years old, when my parents took me to the trip to Banda Aceh, to visit my sister.

Since that trip, i’m always excited to have trip again. And for about three years i’ve been five or six times went to Banda Aceh. We always using car when we have trip if the place could be reached by car. From Medan‒where i lived‒ to Banda Aceh we will through some cities. And i recommended for whom want to have trip to Banda Aceh or Aceh cause they have a good road. You’ll be reached Banda Aceh about 12 hours by car (it’s included your launch time, have a rest about 15 minutes about once or twice or pray) but with the view on the road you’ll be fascinating.

I went to Aceh years after Tsunami, so we will have different image about the road, but i’m sure yours would be interest than me. I’m still remember the road we through at noon, after we had a lunch, i can see a sea from my car! The sea felt so close from me. My dad said, Tsunami caused seashore closer to the mainland.

Then i’ve been travel to Bandung-Jogjakarta-Jakarta in ten days. This is my first longest trip. It’s begun cause Airways Ticket Promo. Me and big family member‒we are ten person travel together‒went to Bandung first. Cause that time, landed in Bandung cheaper than Jakarta or Jogjakarta.

We stayed in Bandung about three days, and we spend te days by shopping. Actually my mom and my aunty lilbit crazy to shopping at Bandung where we know this city is one of Fashion center and they gave a cheap price with good quality. But it’s has changed, when i back to Bandung at 2015 the price for fashion item higher than the first time i came to Bandung. So if you want to travel in Bandung, the best to enjoyed this city is nature. Enjoyed the view and cool air with best and unique accomodation and also the food.

Next, we went to Jogjakarta. Jogja can reached by Plane or Train. And my Family decided to use Train, considered from cost to brought ten person moved from Bandung to Jogja. We choose economy class. This is my first time travel with Train. It took time about six hours from Bandung to Jogjakarta, and it’s horrible.

We thought we can rest a long the way to Jogja by choosing night trip, but it’s big wrong. We’re at economy class, which there is no AC or Fan (only air through by window), not a comfy seat, and when we stop at the several station in small city all the snack seller would come in to the train and offering their stuff all along the train with a loud voice. And it’s happen many times till we arrived at Jogja, and i’m sure you can’t rest at all. Totally can’t. That’s my experience used train’s economy class. But for whom can handle that condition it’s okay to choose that train class. But for me, it’s okay to spend a little much to get bussines class for long trip. My advice, for trip that took only two or three hours it’s okay to get economy class.

Finally we touched down Jogjakarta, and we spend at this city about three days. We spend here by shopping‒again‒, culinary tour, and visit Borobudur and also Parangtritis Beach. Cause this trip i’m still 14 years old so i’m just follow where the parents took us. I don’t have any options T.T

Something i like from jogja is peacefull. The small city with beauty view for each edge of the city.

And before we back to Medan, last city is Jakarta. We spend about three days here by visit the relative from my mom side, visit Monas, Dufan, and Ragunan Zoo. I don’t have many excited memory cause i had fever and vomit a.k.a masuk angin. It’s cause night trip by train to Jogja, and all tiredness accumulation when i’m in Jakarta. That’s my first body training for longtrip.

By the way, when we go to Jakarta from Jogjakarta we go by Train but in bussiness class and night trip too. But it’s much better, so much better. We got an AC, comfy seat, blanket and small pillow for rest along the trip, and the best is no snack seller go to the cabin train. So you can rest peacefully, oh ya! When you in bussiness class you’ll be serviced by good-looking attendant! Hahaha

Yap, there is my first trip and my long trip from a few city in Indonesia, i hope i can travel more like to Lombok or Mount Bromo and this is my advice to you before traveling :

  1. Get your self and body well prepared. You have a lot or less money but your condition not good you can’t enjoyed your trip.
  2. Always looking for the best way to reach your spot. Sometime it took a price but you can fully enjoyed the place, rather than you got the cheap transportation but you ‘ve been tired before.
  3. For low cost trip, try to find your family or relatives that can gave you accomodation or transportation. It will be save much your cost by accomodation side and it’s more happy if they gave you meals too.
  4. Looking for simple but comfy accomodation, remember three points before you booking or find an accomodation; you only need the bed for sleep, the clean and tidy bathroom, and safe while you are sleep. So don’t spend for such a thing like, swimming pool, golf field, Spa, or view from 53th floor! You want to traveling or being a couch potato? *peace*
  5. Try to speak the language that using by people. It’s help you a lot when you need a help or when you shopping, maybe?
  6. Bring a map or get map application like Google maps or Waze to help you when you get lost. Searching place and transportation before you go is necessary. Don’t forget to save your direction if you’re using Wi-Fi, and the last is ask people.

The next post, i’ll share my first abroad trip. See you!


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